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Wire and Tube China
Booth No.: W1B47
Date:  September 25-28 ,2012

Wire and Cable India
Booth No.: 1D59
Date: October 30 - Nov. 1, 2012

Interwire 2012 - Atlanta
Booth No.: 2056
Date:  April 23-25, 2013


CALMEC has produced both vertical and horizontal accumulators. They are available with both pneumatic and electric movement of the traveling sheave assembly. Some important factors to consider in the design of an accumulator are the size range of product to be run, the amount of accumulation required, the product tension, and building size restrictions

Key Features

CALMEC developed accumulators that are robust and reliable while effective at their task.

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Our Products

CALMEC manufactures robust, maximum performance productions machinery for the Wire & Cable Industry.  We are a leader in developing and applying cutting edge technology and design advancements, both mechanically and electrically.


CALMEC has extensive design expertise in custom machinery and we have developed equipments for many unique requirements in the Wire and Cable industry. 

Contact us for your special needs from items to entire lines