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Calmec produces multiple types of single wheel Capstans, used as constant tensioning devices for pulling single wires, multiple wires, cable, or conduit. Belt Wrap Capstans for small wires or large cables range from 12” to 72” in diameter, with speeds up to 1000 feet per minute. Steel Drum Capstans for conduit or armored cable can run in conjunction with Armoring Machines.


The purpose of a Capstan is to pull wire or cable at a constant tension, thus it is usually speed synchronized to a machine such as an Armoring Machine, Cater Puller, or other master speed reference. The Capstan takes its speed reference from the main machine and is then scaled by an electronic gear ratio, usually via an operator interface. For Belt Capstans, a trim speed pot can permit fine speed adjustment. For Drum Capstans, usually a few wraps of product are required around the drum, so that enough traction is created between the drum and the product, so as to prevent slippage from occurring. For the Armoring process, a Drum Capstan is a cheaper alternative to a Cater Puller, but is not effective for larger product diameters, and requires more set up time by an operator.

CALMEC capstan

AC Flux Vector

On all our latest machines is the insertion of AC Flux Vector Drive technology, comprising of a flux vector AC motor and drive controller. This replaces the traditional higher maintenance DC motor drives.


CALMEC developed and deploys multiple air cushions pneumatic compression and tension in order to provide consistent pressure to the product run through the unit. Both belt compression and belt tension are pressure adjustable to suit the style of belt used and the product being pulled.